The Universal-Eternal Fire & Soul

The Universal-Eternal Fire & Soul

It was a usual evening, and after reaching home back from office, I was just relaxing on the La-z-boy when I noticed a change in weather, where the wind started blowing at an accelerated speed.  Although it was hinting its arrival while I was returning home, still this was more sudden and much more intense than expected.  Uncaring it, I continued being on the La-z-boy and switched on the TV.  Luckily enough I was able to surf through few channels and all of a sudden there was a noise “dhaaaaad” and with this noise the light travelled off faster and there was darkness all around.  As I was a bit engrossed into the idiot box, this noise was loud enough to make me skip a heartbeat.

The darkness prevailed in my sitting room as well as in the surrounding areas while I started walking on my expedition in search of a light source.  Although pretty familiar of the room setting, still I struggled through to the pitch-darkness.  Hit myself a little bit here and there with some “ooh and ouch sounds” but despite the entire struggle I managed to reach the dining area and grabbed my extended arm, “the cell phone”.  With an instant touch it brought back light into the room.  It provided enough help to now search for other modes to light up the room. 

I found the emergency light, but just looking at it clearly indicated that it only had enough power to survive for few minutes.  So now I decided to search for another mode, searched around quite a bit and ah I was lucky, I found few candles in the kitchen room at the rarely visited last drawer.  Now even I don’t remember when I bought them and was lost a bit in my thought process by seeing these saviors being available to aid me through the darkness.  Now the next challenge was lighting them up and I suddenly realized that the match boxes were lying dried out of matchsticks similar to the deserted areas of the Thar.

Surprisingly, I had a strange feeling as if I have travelled back into time of Stone Age in the absence of the matchsticks.  I just wondered if I knew the art of creating fire by hitting two stones, but even the stones were not available.  Going through all these, I returned to my senses and was struck with a master idea, pretty common to all of you.  Bingo! said my mind and told me to light up the gas stove using the gas lighter and then get the candles lighted out of it, wow, isn’t a great idea, I know you are laughing at it now, but still I thanked my genius mind and went ahead per its instruction. 

Now let me cut it short, because all the above was just a set up for passing on the real knowledge that dawned upon me and in reality inspired me to write it up.  As I lighted up the candle I received a phenomenal question in my head, which cleared off so many questions that I have been pondering upon to find an answer to, for long.  Yes it was phenomenal enough and here I pass on the question to you for the benefit of all.  If you have managed to read through till this point, just hang on with me as this is going to be a thought-provoking experience for you.

The question that flashed in with the initiation of the candle starting to burn was “is it not the same fire?”  Oh my God, what is this question and why so much drama around it, I thought to myself, but again the question reappeared.  Is it not the same fire that is available all around us, yet we cannot see it unless exposed to certain actions and reactions?  Is it not the same universal fire, just burning at different places with different sources?  Is it not the same universal fire, which is available when sought and unavailable when not initiated or sought after?  And more over if this is the case with the universal fire and if I simply replace it with our universal soul; are we all not the same?  Just as the same universal fire burns at different sources, are we not the same soul just burning in different bodies?  If this question is to be true, does it not provide us an understanding of our togetherness in diversity?  Does it not make and project us as a one-beating heart and one soul?

Well, I leave it to your discretion, but it made a lot of difference for me, because from this moment on I see myself in you, you in me, we all in Him, and Him in all of us!

Manash Mishra
Life Coach – JAMPS

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