Life Coaching

About Mr. Manash Mishra:

Mr. Manash Mishra has been working to empower individuals for more than 7 years now. Over the years he has touched thousands of lives and has left an impeccable positive remark on their souls.


Mr. Manash has gone on to achieve phenomenal success, displaying which would look like an impossible task and today he is a senior manager handling Indian operations, a sales director, founder of an organization, a life coach, a peak performance coach, motivational speaker, associated with Indian Speakers Bureau, an exponential entrepreneur, a six-sigma black belt, an NLP practitioner, blogger and currently working on writing his own book as well as continuing to create success stories day-by-day and month-on-month.


Mr. Manash’s profound understanding of the subjects and the scientific yet easy-way display patterns leaves you gasping for more yet equips you with new vigor and energy to take on life and business in a completely new way.  He has been blessed and by this day have at least saved 14 lives, where the individuals confessed that they are alive today because of him else they would have long gone because they were all set to commit suicide.  He is a godly structure for these individuals.


If you have to read his testimonies the people who have attended his program would simply recite “Manash Sir changed our life forever and made us believe that life is worth living and dreams do come true”.


Many aspire and dream to be like him and you will surely understand why when you meet him.