Pity not the dead, but pity the alive that have stopped living.  Drooping shoulders, heads down, lowered gaze, low self esteem, given up on their dreams, no hope of future, nothing at present, and dwelling in the past.  These are the ones that should be pitied and not the deads, because the deads are dead and gone.  The deads are no more a burden on this earth, but the ones that are walking deads are the real problem. 

The creator created us in such a magnificent manner, nothing better could have been expected.  But no, some choose to live a dragged and pitiful life.  A single or a series of instances shatter everything out, but to be true as the human spirit was designed to be, it should never give up.  Still some manage to suppress this spirit too.  They are so engrossed and drowned in their own sorrow land that nothing else seems visible, let alone important. 

These weary souls have forgotten their own potential; they have forgotten that it is easy to jump back to life compared to walk dead.  Ups and downs are part of life, but that does not mean that everything should be kept aside. 

Things might not be easy, situations might be hostile, conditions might not be favorable, and even the whole world might be against you, so what?  It is easy to give up, but it requires a little courage to overcome all these.  Fall not to circumstances, stand up and show it that you are bigger than the circumstances.  Roar out and showcase your true potential, your true color, and prove your own mettle.  There is no good in living dead than being victoriously alive. 

So wake up your giant within, tame the situations and circumstances, and claim back your glory to life.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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