Passion Versus Profession

Passion versus Profession

The best profession always might not be your passion, but your passion will always be your best profession. 

We are all passionate about something or other, but majority of us have given it up due to the profession we are in.  When we are in a battle of feeding and taking care of our families as well as our own selves and when there is just enough to take care of hand-to‑mouth, it is but obvious that we propel our passion towards life long exile.  An exile, never to return back again.  

Countless souls have even forced their passion to commit suicide rather than empowering them given their circumstances.  Just imagine, even most of us being in a profession that we do not like, we have made it this far, just in case we were all allowed to portray our passion, what a world it would have been?  Even the slightest thought of such creates ripples in my body and surfaces the goose bumps. 

This also leaps me through time into my childhood, where it was not the profession, but rather the passion that drove us through.  Remember the little you that was busy creating a palace out of sand, tying a red towel and instantly becoming superman, trying to imitate your mother and putting on lipstick, climbing on the tree and feeling like on top of the world, just lying down on the green grass gazing in the star studded magnificent sky, doing drama as if you are crying to wear that little favorite dress of yours, dancing along, singing along, and grooving along.  

Do you know the small secret behind all this? Its nothing but your fearlessness mixed with passion.  You were happy because you did not care what others think about you, you did not mind making faces or dressing the way you want.  You were simply happy because you lived in your own world and not in a world created by other people’s opinion. 

My sincere wish for you is may you find your passion and live with passion.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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