Our New Year Resolutions… Will They Last?

With the advent of New Year’s Eve there comes along an avalanche of resolutions.  Amidst the grand celebrations, all resolutions start with great pomp and pride of being achieved; however, very few of these resolutions stay alive to see the rising sun within a week’s time and are succumbed to our mundane habits.  Why is it so?

Well if you are trying to find a coherent answer, you are on dot, at the right place, and at the right time.  So let me share the reason, which has been quite evident following a close observation of the resolutions, their life span, success rate, and dead drop situations.  If you look deep with an intention to find the root cause of the failure behind the accomplishments of resolutions, it will appear to be quite simple.  Yet majority of us fall into the trap year on year, time and again.

As I congratulate to those who are going to stick to their resolutions, it is already proven through intense observation that the numbers of these success stories will be pretty limited.  Now without pulling the string too long, let us dive into the main cause leading to these failure stories and how to convert those into successful ones.

Now, coming to the nitty-gritty, if you examine the resolutions, almost all of them are the ones that are influenced by external factors instead of being self initiated.  And when they are just influential ones and are pushed from outside, we run high with the motivation for a shorter period of time as we do not see much in the wasting if we fail to accomplish those.  Also as they are not our own, it becomes much easier to come up with excuses as to why we failed to achieve those.

Therefore, the key failing factor is external influence in the form of advertisements, social discussions, light-hearted challenges, and show off by models.  You got to understand – “Half-hearted commitments attract poorly-achieved results.”  However, if we understand this and reverse the mechanism, our success rates in retaining our resolutions will be quite high.

So instead of taking up something as a resolution that is tinged with external influence, let us take a moment to chalk down what we really want to achieve and ignite the internal force.  You can consider the following points that will aid you in achieving greater success with your resolutions this year:

  1. Pen down your own personal true resolution that you want to achieve (minus the external influence).

  2. Not only write as to why you will succeed, but also mention why you will not fail. Your “Why” got to be strong that it won’t allow you to fail.

  3. Now the easy part (especially due to the huge and readily accessible social media), share your resolution.

  4. Take immediate core action. Remember, never take a break the next day what you started today, because this has been the worst killers ever known.

  5. Find a buddy with similar mindset as it becomes much easier when done in close group and hold each other responsible.

  6. Create a 30-day calendar and record your progress.

  7. Celebrate and appreciate on keeping your resolution alive at the end of every month.

I would like to add that the above steps have worked amazingly for all those who have followed it and I am convinced that you are also going to add another success story to the achievement bandwagon.  Now as you are equipped with this information, it is time to act.  I wish you the best and look forward to reading your success story soon.

Note:  In case you need any specific help, do reach out for me and I will be happy to guide you further.

With Love,

Manash Mishra

Life Coach & Peak Performance Coach

Co-Founder:  JAMPS

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