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Not Damaged By Big Blows But Defeated By Little Concerns

There have been numerous occasions where I have read the valiant act of courage showed by uncountable souls during life-threatening situations and they do motivate me as well.  These souls provide solace and inspire that no matter what, you can still bounce back up.  However, in the same frame they stand testimony to the fact that may how prepared you might be, life will surely throw at you some surprises at the least expected moments and leave you aghast as to what happened.  And that’s the rules by which life abides by.

I personally also believe on the above statements; however, I have dug out a different side of it and have surely developed a separate way of looking at the human spirit.  No matter what, the human spirit has been conquering and will continue to overcome the odds yet what propels me to think now is not the bigger setbacks that hit the spirit the worst, it is instead the little blows that defeats a lot of souls.

I would like to put it in form of a story for you so that it is easy to understand and for sure you get the maximum value out of it.  So from hereon I will relate you a story from the angle of an army soldier who was amidst a war, which started without any prior notice, and the bunker where he was stationed was being continuously fired and bombarded.  In that moment, he was noticing the bombs exploding just few yards away and was sure that should they have been few yards closer, it would have been a sure death for him and his fellow mates.

He and his fellow soldiers were surely terrified as they have been running out of ammunitions and were ordered to just stay still and wait till the backup arrives.  They were ordered to stay in the bunks and remain calm as it would take few hours for the backup to reach their station.  Amidst of this, he was so terrified that he could hardly breathe. His arms and legs were literally numb and cold.  “This for sure is death; he kept saying this to himself.  They were so terrified that they could even hear their own heartbeat despite the bombardment and firing sound all around.

This bombardment and firing continued for three long hours and then ceased suddenly.  Apparently, the enemy also ran out of supplies and they retreated as they could see the arrival of the backup for the bunkers.

These three hours of attack seemed like three hundred years through the eyes of the soldier and during these hours his entire life reflected in front of him.  He remembered all the things that he considered bad and had happened to him and all the absurd things that pushed him to worry.  He had earlier worked as an assistant in a software firm before joining the armed forces and remembered how he used to crib and cry for the long working hours, less pay, no leaves, and no hope of growth.

He remembered how he used to be sad thinking that he could not build a home, buy a car, live a lifestyle of his choice, and could not even buy new clothes for his family during festivals.  He remembered how he hated his boss as he would always shout and scold him.  He remembered how after a bad day at work he would return home and have a fight with his family members.  Even he remembered how he used to worry about not being a good looking guy, having a slightly larger nose, a scar on his face from a fall during his childhood and so on and so forth.

However, while being in mid of the war and succumbed between life and death, he could realize that how heavily these minute things mattered him years ago.  He even realized how absurd he was while thinking and cribbing about not having those material possessions.  At that moment he promised himself that if he survived through this war, he would never ever worry again in his life.

He learnt more about how to live life fully without worries in those brief moments, which for sure he would not have learnt after just reading tons of books about it.  That is experiential and transformational learning.

So my dear friends, I have these questions for you now:  Imagine you being caught in between the two close ends of life and death, as was our soldier friend, what would really matter?  Will you still cry and complain?  Will you still look out for the materialistic things that you don’t possess?  Will you still get worried over the little intricacies?  Will you be fighting around with everyone?

Oh no, I could hear you saying that!  So my dear friends, let us understand the value of our own life and be thankful for what all we have and never allow the little intricacies to rule our life.

Just remember:

My Human Spirit Is Not Damaged By Big Blows, But Defeated By Little Concerns.


Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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