Missing My Self

Everyone was in a festive mood due to a marriage in the family and along with it came an opportunity for me to meet all the people those who used to be very close to me, but the earning-opportunity had made us part ways.  I was super excited as I was about to meet some of them almost after 10 – 15 years and also meet a lot of new people along with the next generation kids whom I have never met.

Each and everyone were overwhelmed by seeing each other and after freshening up we decided to sit together on the top floor where everything was arranged.  This was gong to be a week long celebration and a much needed break for most of us.  Earning money and becoming someone has surely taken its toll as it was quite evident by the looks on the faces as well as the physical appearances.

We all cousins and close relatives of the same age group met at the top floor, as decided, and started a round-ground sitting meeting.  Time has flown quite faster than expected and the only way we were able to calculate it was by seeing the next generations reaching our shoulder heights.  The kids that I saw as infants have really grown up.  So as all being bound by corporate culture, and it being quite a mixed group, I said, let us introduce ourselves as well as our current avatar (current job role) to which everyone agreed with.

Despite this agreement, there was a lot of dragging as to who will start, but finally one of my first cousins took over and started his introduction and others followed.  It was quite a gathering and yet almost everyone was doing great in their respective fields and faring well.  Someone has moved on to become a manager, some to general manager, zonal heads, vice president, and some have even started their own business.

Everyone was engrossed deeply and trying their best to portrait their achievement in the best possible way as if they were being judged and will be awarded.  Many of them were busy to let everyone know the latest bungalow that they bought, the luxurious cruise trip, their vacation in exotic lands, and the latest cars they were driving.  However, no one was talking anything about the realities hidden behind all those and everything came to a halt when I introduced myself stating “You all seem to have become something, but I have lost myself.”

Suddenly everyone became serious and all the ears were eager to hear the next word that I was to utter.  I never envisioned such dramatic reaction, but it amused me as well.  I said that unlike everyone, I also ran a long way for all those worldly pleasures as well as materialistic wealth and in this run I lost myself somewhere.  In mid of this another cousin interrupted me and asked, what are you doing for a living now and you surely look much younger than your age, what is the secret?

I smiled to it and said I have become something different now.  I lost myself in the rush and chaos of the world but fortunately have found myself back with the stillness and serenity of silence.  Now for some it was as if someone tossed an unknown currency towards them and they got more eager to understand what it exactly was.  And as I elaborated my story, it was like even they were searching out for something similar.

So all through the evening I became a teacher and they turned into disciples.  One major thing that became the topic of the evening was losing and finding myself.  I continued letting them know as to how I had gone up the corporate ladder without caring much about health or relationships and later gave it all to save the precious things of life which money cannot buy.

I made them understand that we meet so many people around on a daily basis, but very few are lucky enough those who meet themselves.  The tragic of life is not that we are unable to meet all the people out there, the bigger tragic is never meeting our own self.  It is not a bigger problem not to explore the outer world, but it is not to discover our inner world. It is not as worse to fail in making others happy, but to not find our own joy.  It is still okay if we cannot find all the solutions to the chaos outside, but it is not to not find serenity within ourself.

Now as you have reached this far and have been patient with me, let me start a conversation with you.  Yes, this story has come to an abrupt end, and that is what even happens in life, some stories just get an abrupt ending, but what is your story?

Instead of me continuing with this story, it is better now I start listening to your story.  Let us explore and understand what do you want?  I would surely like to provide my helping hand, if you are ready for it, and aid you in finding your path to greatness, to discover your true potential, find your own joy, and live an ecstatic life.

Yes this is what has changed in me and I would love to help you to bring that change in you.  So if you are ready, let us begin the journey towards discovering YOU.

Remember, it is not tragic not being able to meet all the people out it in the world, the real tragic would be if you do not meet your self.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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