Just Sit On The Shore

Just Sit On The Shore

Either you just sit on the shore and get amazed by seeing the daredevils doing stunts on the waves or you can get down, go into the erratic waters, conquer it and allow the onlookers to drop their jaws by looking at you.  Either you praise or you get yourself raised enough to get praised.  Life is not simple or too difficult; you make it the way you want it to be.

Complaining is not going to change the way life is, but your decision and taking action can literally change the life for you.  It is your life and you got to decide what you want out of it and not just waiting for someone to show up someday and change it for you. Stop living in the myth that one fine day everything will be right, toil now and make this day that day you have been waiting for.  Situations will be there but just don’t get washed away with the tide, stand strong, find your reason, and find your purpose.

Stop cribbing and start living the extravagant life that was given to you.  Don’t just let the words of negativity pause you; stand up and roar, roar out loud enough that the world comes to know that you have arrived.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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