Give Away To Receive In Abundance

Give Away To Receive In Abundance

Give away and you will receive back in abundance.  A pretty profound law of nature and universe as well.  Those who understand the essence won’t stick to the things but give away, and in turn receive it back in many folds, but those should be called lucky.  

Lucky, not because they have sheer luck, but because they understand this law and don’t withstand themselves from being part of abundance.  Lucky because they chose to be abundant and said no to scarcity.  These souls dared to give away and created a magnificent doorway into a fulfilled life.

This law can be elaborated in a very simple pattern, which shows its presence as well as its potential.  The best example would be a seed. When a seed is sown and taken care of, it returns you back multi-folded.  This simple giving away of one seed brings into action a process of multiplication, from one to many.  

Nature works that way and we have to just get ourselves aligned to this magical power, which in turn will ensure we never ever see a sparse day in our life. 


Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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