Deprive Yourself Of Dreams And You Live A Meaningless Life

Deprive Yourself Of Dreams And You Live A Meaningless Life

What a life it would be when there isn’t anything to be achieved.  Struggling for existence and not thriving for a greater purpose is not at all a worthy deal to venture.  And quite contrary to it unaware of such was Rahul’s life which was to change forever. 

One morning when he woke up, suddenly everything around him looked anew.  Although he was aware of the surroundings, still they all seemed something different.  Something that he hasn’t experienced earlier.  He could hear the chirping of the regular birds and could feel the same breeze; still nothing was exactly the same as it used to be.  While rubbing his eyes, suddenly he saw a huge figure in front, whose face wasn’t visible.  The figure was big enough to frighten the sleep away and now Rahul was standing still in front of it.  His mouth mumbled and somehow he had a shivering sensation, unknown of the facts why. 

Gathering some courage and with a murmur Rahul asked who are you?  The figure stood still without uttering a single word.  With a louder grumble Rahul again asked, who are you and what are you doing here?  And what he could hear back was a snicker.  Then with a grave voice a reply came, I am here to take you along with me!  Take me along with you, but where, said Rahul.  And the figure said a place where you now belong to.  Rahul said, but this is the place where I belong to, but the figure said that you used to belong to this place, but no longer. 

What do you mean, cried out Rahul loudly.  And the figure just bent over and reaching out to Rahul uttered “YOU ARE DEAD”.  Dead what do you mean I am dead, I believe seriously this is a prank that my friends have plotted for.  So now you better tell me where are all those monsters hiding.  The figure stood still, and Rahul shouted again, hey you guys where are you, come its enough, don’t fool me around in the early morning hours.  No response followed his shout.  Rahul tried calling out again, but no response.  Now the figure reiterated, Rahul, you are dead.

Hearing this, Rahul just ran away of the sight and could see the street busy with people getting along with their regular chores.  He cried out for some known names, and none came the answer.  He ran near some trying to grab them, but none seemed to bother, as if nobody saw him.  He was in the mid of the road and a vehicle just passed through him, leaving him aghast as to what’s going on.  Yet again he could see the figure standing in front of him in a white robe and it said no one could hear, see, or feel you anymore, you better accept the fact.  But why so early, I am just 30 and too young to die, cried out Rahul, I want to live. 

What young, and why do you even bother to live, asked the figure removing his robe from his face and quite unexpected came out a face that was radiating youthful charm.  Stunned for a moment Rahul said, yes I want to live.  Then the figure said, remember Rahul you have been a walking dead for quite some time, for almost 8 years now.  What, cried out Rahul again.  Yes, you heard it right, answer me this, when was the last time you really enjoyed your life?  When was the last time you went ahead to help someone?  When was the last time you really smiled?  When was the last time when you believed in your dream?  When was the last time when you loved someone?  When was the last time you respected someone?  And when was the last time you really lived? 

But, I am alive, or was alive, just came the words out of confusion.  You have stopped dreaming long back and have also given up on your dreams that you used to hold while being a child.  You have chosen to deprive yourself of any dreams, and have been living a meaningless life.  A life without dreams is a barren land where nothing new can grow or can be cultivated.  So your death is actually a good benefactor to you. 

Yes! Shouted Rahul, as true to each word of yours, I really don’t know when I stopped doing all that I used to love, all that was close to my heart and soul, all that was precious, and all that was a real me.  I have given up on my own dreams just by considering what others might think of me, what if they don’t accept me, I would be an outcast, people would laugh at me, my God what have I done.  I have actually not lived and now as I am dead, I want to live. 

Can I ask you a favor, asked Rahul to the figure, is there anyway I can pass on this message to all my friends, family, relatives, and even to the whole mankind, because I do not want anyone to really stop dreaming and live a meaningless life, rather to nurture their dreams and live a majestic life.  Now I understand not even a single breath should be wasted, because each breath counts and ticks off our lifespan.  Please help me to pass on this message and suddenly the figure vanished with a few whispering words “so be it” go pass on your message.

And Rahul felt a sudden touch and when he opened his eyes he could see his mother.  Rahul just jumped out of the bed, not able to believe if it was a dream or a reality.  But as happy as he could be he decided to live a dream-fulfilling life and started sharing his story to everyone he could.  Some believed, some laughed, but it didn’t bothered Rahul anymore, because he has got the real taste of life now and all that you read above is actually his own writing.

Now it is up to you to decide on what kind of life would you choose for yourself and whether to pass on this message to others or just keep it with you?

With Love,

Manash Mishra (Fondly called as Rahul by friends)

Life Coach – JAMPS

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