Can you smile…please?

Can you smile…please?

Long faces, lowered gaze, frustrated looks, distressed physique, lines of worry, and fearful gestures, I questioned myself while just looking at the passer-byes, what has gone wrong?  I was standing just outside of my apartment waiting for the cab to arrive.   It was morning 9:15 a.m. and the scenario looked chaotic and it was a herculean task to even locate a glimpse of smile despite hundreds moving in front of me.  Lost in my thoughts, it seemed to me as if catching a fish from a river bare handed would have been easier compared to catching up a smiling face.  Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder which pulled me back from my thoughts and there he stands, my dear friend Rahul, the inspirer, role model, guide, and mentor. 

Hey buddy! How are you? I asked, and Rahul as always would be, with a big enthusiastic smile on his face replied, I am doing phenomenally well.  His smiling face just looked like the only moon peeping through the gloomy-faced stars passing by.  Then after a little bit of casual talk, I notified Rahul of the thoughts passing on in my mind, which he listened with utmost attention.  What have we done to ourselves? I asked and Rahul replied well my dear friend, we have forgotten something while busy running in the mundane race to become someone. 

As this is getting further intensified with cut-throat competition, to be a little more than the other person, we have lost our self.  We have lost the true meaning of life.  We have stopped taking some time out for our own self and moreover we have stopped smiling, which is the main essence of life.  See it is like a chain reaction, if you ask anyone why they are not smiling, they would say they are not happy, and when you ask why they are not happy, the answer would be because I am stressed.  Now why are they stressed, is because they have started taking life too seriously and have stopped smiling. 

So what is the remedy for this, I asked?  Rahul smiled and said simple, just smile.  I said what, to this he quoted one of the famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi and said, be the change that you want to see in others my friend.  This sentence actually made a lot of sense to me.  He said look, smile is contagious so the only thing you have to do is spread it. 

Start smiling! Initially it would be difficult to just smile back at a stranger.  But if you practice it and smile, you will be startled by its magic where you will instantly get connected and with an exchange of a little smile the other person won’t be a stranger any more.  Few will be nonresponsive, do not worry about them, just count the faces that you bring a smile to through your smile and they will surely overweigh the ones that did not. 

By practicing to smile, you yourself will be relieved of the worry as to what has gone wrong or what have we done to us.  Because, now you are not just a speechless-helpless spectator in stead you are on the field doing your part and as by law the more you give the more you get back.  That is the bottom line my friend, now go ahead and make someone smile; these were the last words from Rahul as he went back to the parking lot bidding me goodbye.

From that moment on I have decided to follow the suggestion of my good friend and do my part.  Now my question to you, Can you smile…. Please?  Because someone out there really needs it and you can be the one who can give it to him/her.  Keep smiling and keep on spreading happiness.  Let us fight out the gloominess from ours and others life by adding a little bit of smile to it.  

Will you smile…. Please?

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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