Don’t just melt away in the struggling heat for survival.  You are not just someone who was sent here to add up to the population, increase it further, and die.  You were sent out here with a purpose and it is your job to find it.  I read something which was so profound that I could not hold myself back without sharing, it read:  

"If you die today as well as everyone who knows you also dies and you have not done something significant, it would be as if you never existed!"

Now just reading it again and again makes me think what an incredible truth revelation it is.  Uncountable souls have passed through existence and got lost and only a few managed to leave a mark.  The footprints of these great souls can be still traced through the books of history.  These were the people who just did not survive; they actually changed the way the world used to be.  Their existence impacted the whole existence. 

A question to ponder upon would be: what will change in this world with you being present in it?  What difference will you make to the lives of the people while you are still here?  What impact will your existence bring to existence?  What reform will happen to the human beings with you being a human?  

Folks, not just great things, but things with great care are expected from you.  I equally agree, that what people talk when you are gone is not going to be a concern to you, but would it not be a waste of a phenomenal life if it just gets lost.  Do not get lost like a speck of sand in the shore of the world; shine like a star, which does not looses its importance despite being amidst of millions. 

Your birth itself was an event that elated so many lives and making its end a grandeur event is in your hands.  The truth is no one, I mean absolutely no one can do what you can do, and you should do it.  Go ahead do something through which the whole humanity will gain back faith, go ahead bring back some smiles on the sad faces, go ahead and create something so magnificent that you will be thanked for generations to come.  Make your travel through these earthly setting a memorable one and make your presence felt.  Go leave your mark for eternity!


Manash Mishra

Life Coach - JAMPS 

Aghast I stand

Aghast I stand by seeing the glee in the eyes of my so called relatives, which clearly reflected the image of the dollars rolling in it.  Never been so strongly admired, never been so softly spoken, never been hugged so tightly, and never been taken so seriously.  Yes, I returned back from theU.S. today and the world has changed for me.  Everything appears so new.  Unsure if these were the same people whom I knew in my earlier life, because they appear so much different. 

Never caring and never sharing people suddenly started pouring in compliments on my achievements as the news has spread of my success much before my arrival.  More than success it was the dollars that I have earned over the years have been the talk of the locale.  In my earlier life, while struggling for money, no one ever showed up and now especially the front lines were crowded by the ones who always said I am good for nothing, shouting out praises. 

I felt as if it was not me who was ever important to them, but rather this success and the money that I have now are.  But what if I lose these fames, a blatant answer would be they would fall back to their usual earlier self.  A self-realizing moment, where I understood that in this ever changing world the value of a human has fallen a scapegoat to the currency.   You are not judged as a human, but by the worth of money you carry.

What a world has this become, where we have a price tag to everything and value nothing.  We know the cloth brands but not our neighbors.  We got educated, but never got knowledge.  We pretend to know everything, but understand nothing.  Advanced technologically, but have not understood a thing about our own selves.  Reached for the stars, but never could reach out for someone in need.  Well who am I to talk all about this, because when I question myself on similar grounds, I somewhat seem identical to others.

But I understand one thing; I can choose to be different.  It won’t be easy, but no body promised it would be, so I decide to do my part.  Whatever small or big bit possible I will.  I expect nothing but just pray that we hold hand of each other in a quest of bringing back love, harmony, health, and happiness back into each others life.  

I am committed.  Will you come along with me?

Manash Mishra
Life Coach - JAMPS