Because, I owe you everything

Because, I owe you everything

 A Writing Devoted To The Parents

You brought me into existence, you gave me life. 

You taught me the art of staying alive. 

You understood everything even me uttering a word.

You were the strongest pillar of life and the greatest safeguard.

You made me walk and you made me talk.

You were always standing by my side when I was in shock.

You fed me well and you dressed me cool.

Despite at times people calling you fool.

You kept my demands and fulfilled my dreams.

You sold your sleep to cater my screams.

You kept me healthy you made me strong.

You took all the blame on yourself even if I was wrong.

I am today, who I am, because of you.

And I am so glad because your love was selfless and so true.

Without you being around, I would have been nothing.

Each breath of mine is yours, because I owe you everything.


Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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