Be A Little Childish

Do you remember how you looked, felt, and sounded when you were a kid? 

Wow! Just having a glance at the above brought back to consciousness a flash of your childhood and leaped you back in time, isn’t it?  As Bryan Adam sung, “those were the best days of my life” and we all long to be that again.  Even though we are left with hazy memoirs of our childhood, yet they are good enough to allure us back.

What an amazing time it was, we were of a free will and nothing seemed impossible, we were creative, we used to break down our toys to its core to find out what’s within, life was kind of fearless, boundless, and full of happiness.  Our happiness was not dependent on anything and we were just happy even without a reason.  We didn’t took life too seriously, what others would think about us was none of our business.  We could easily create a fuss in mid of the crowd or run into laughter while acting angry. 

It was such easy for us to melt someone’s heart with the innocent smile and made even toughest of the spirit to dance to our tune.  The stories that we created and the love that we spread could befriend any stranger.  Oh, how can we forget our tantrums as well as all the drama while getting out of the bed, brushing the teeth, to eat the food, or even to go to school?  All those hazy-crazy days, awe we do miss them! 

But what happened now?  A drastic change; life seems so difficult, but why?

As simply as it could be put into words and agreed upon, we have just stopped doing all those things that we did as a kid.  Some things might sound crazy as there are things that you are not allowed to do as a grown up, still that is fine, but what about the things that we can?  The problem is we have taken the world too seriously and what others think about us has become paramount in our lives. 

Some have become so desperate that they indulge themselves into activities that they don’t even like and regret in the long term.  A bigger problem than that is when someone is trying to find a permanent solution for a temporary problem and the world just stands aghast to such extreme actions.  Majority of such issues stemming from the chaos and noise that we have created around our lives.

We are no more driven by our likes, but by others.  We have started believing in looking good than feeling good.  We have indulged and dragged ourselves into complications to such extent that our life is revolving around the EMIs.  Very little time is devoted for self and even we have stopped daring to do something new.  In true sense we have even forgotten to smile because somehow somewhere either we have side-tracked or killed that child within us. 

It sounds to be a pretty strong statement, yet a blatant reality.  All of us have experienced it.  It is quite evident, because we long for that what we don’t have, and our childhood is one of them.  We have complicated our lives too much and it is the need of the hour that we uncomplicate it before it is too late. 

Let us work on bringing that little madness back, let us welcome back that child into our lives.  Let us take some crazy-time out for own self and for our own sweet heart.  Lets splash in the river, climb some trees, simply dress in our favorite clothes, lets tie that towel back and fly like a superman, lets bring back that makeup kit and paint the face again, lets unleash the feelings that we have been holding back, lets create something genius or stupid, lets indulge in the freshness of the aroma of the wet soil after rain, lets dance in the rain, lets dig on some chocolates, and let us have some ME time exclusively dedicated to ourself.

Now that will sound crazy to the weary souls, but who cares, we are talking here about our own sweet heart.  We have already wasted lot of time just trying to impress others, for this time lets impress our own self.  Life is really too short not to do some crazy-weird things, not just getting lost now and then in happiness, and not to just being who you are meant to be.  Let’s break the shackles and open the gates to be a little bit childish again.

A high raise toast to the lost-and-found child within you!  God Bless!


With Love,

Manash Mishra, Life Coach

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