AN EMPTY CHAIR – Act Before It Is Too Late


An empty chair lying in front reminds me more of the person who used to be there rocking along for years. It reminds me how casual I was towards him. They say time slips away and it was a real time experience as to how it does. I always thought there is plenty of time to ask him what he wanted, what his dreams were, or what he wished to do.

He was so strong, but on bed for three months and gosh everything changed in no time. His health deteriorated so fast that I was not even able to fulfil one of his desires, which I knew for sure should have been in his list of wishes. A very simple desire, to board a flight, which I could have fulfilled any moment, but no as many of us do, I postponed. But this has left a bad taste in my mouth for a life time.

All these because I was, so called, busy with my work. But now looking at the empty chair, I question myself, for whom was I so busy that I even didn’t had time for the person who brought me into this world, fulfilled my wishes by killing his own, sacrificed his dreams to get mine ticked, and more over died giving me life. Per my earlier understanding postponement might have been temporary but now the loss is permanent.

Now whatever I try, nothing is going to change, not even that one desire which I knew I could have fulfilled. So my dear friends if you are still blessed with the presence of your parents, go, go and ask what are their dreams which they have sacrificed for you and make sure you fulfill those. Else, one fine day you might see an empty chair, bed, or home and then there would be nothing that you could do.

Manash Mishra
Life Coach – JAMPS

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