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Either you create a life out of life or you destroy a life within life and this is completely dependent on the kind of decisions you make and the kind of people you dwell with.  Influence of circumstances and surrounding people has an enormous impact on us; however, more than that how we decipher it and how we accept it makes a bigger difference. 

From a single bad instance you can either learn to never be like that or you get indulged into it completely and become like that.  Whether you like it or not both kind of people will continue to exist around you; one those drag you down and others those who push you forward; the choice is yours with whom you get attached to.

Look out for your associations very carefully because these play a major role and ultimately become the deciding factor of your future.  Handpick your friends with extreme cautiousness as they can make you or break you.  Its like a piece of iron that starts to acquire the quality of a magnet if rubbed frequently against a magnet and the same iron can start to rust by being rubbed against another rusted iron. 

Stay around people with vision and not just eyesight.  Cling to people those who are ambitious and not fake enthusiasts.  Get along with people those who believe that they can change the world and not the disbelievers or naysayers.  Surround yourself with people those who are go-getters and not draggers.  Be amidst of people those who are self propelled and not the ones those who need to be pushed.  And based on the law of magnet and iron, sooner or later you will discover yourself to have become like them.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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