Activated Or Captivated

Activated Or Captivated

In any given situation we arrive at a point wherein we are either activated or captivated by the instance.  While on majority of the occasions we are captivated and choose it unconsciously, the results that show up are also not always favorable or as desired.  We simply become so captivated and overwhelmed that we miss out on the complete picture.  And we start to act from the minute understanding from a distant view in which the intricacies are lost in the transition.  When we are captivated, we just carry a vivid picture of the whole situation and mostly moved by emotional urges.  Also at times we just overhear without complete awareness and act. 

This act of captivation is like a certain spell that just plunges out of nowhere and rushes us down along with it as if a stream from high mountain ranges.  We start flowing along without even the simplest of the hint that we are being flown.  Sounds somewhat complicated, but that is exactly how this act of captivation plays its role and captures as well as encompasses us.  Due to this tricky act and unknown of the fact that it is happening to us, we stand helpless, but thank God under high heaven, we have the other option. 

The other option of being activated!  This needs a conscious effort and needs quite a mastery to pull ourselves out of captivation to choose activation, but trust me, it is not impossible.  When we are activated, it empowers us with the ability to choose and act as to the best of our interest.  If we get activated, it literally gives us an instant push that is required in a greater part to get us kick started.  This provides us the agility as well as vigor to push beyond our own limits and reach out for new horizons that are yet to be explored. 

This takes us places away from the weary days where we have been a slave to our own limited thoughts.  Suddenly we reach out for new avenues with great intensity and create something mighty that is no less a miracle.  If we are activated, it actually awakens the giant creator within us that knows no bounds and limits.  In this process we truly become the creator and master of our own life. 


So let us choose to get activated rather than just being captivated by instances such as a small affair, seminar, person, place, thing, thought, or life itself because this is where we get our freedom and with this freedom we become the true master.

Manash Mishra

Life Coach – JAMPS

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