About Us



We don’t educate!  We help fix tangled mind waves and discover pursuit of passion, purpose and vision among students and professionals with their assistance.  We increase the metabolism of life with disciplined case studies and lessons that our diverse group has learnt in their own spheres of life to pull the demons out of head and to let the thoughts flow freely so that you explore the best in you.  This is what we do – Guide you to explore your passion, purpose and vision to land you where you want to be.  Thus we add value to your life by guiding you to be happy and successful in your domain.

We progressively take you to the path of greater heights by communicating effectively and polishing your potential.



Help you grow, exceeding your expectations.  If you are encumbered with pressures and this is boiling you, always remember diamonds are formed beneath the earth crushing pressures and intense heat.  No worries we will help you shine as diamonds.


How JAMPS will contribute in your success?

We all want to succeed when most of us don’t even know what we are expecting from ourselves.  Where we want to go? Which path to take?  Surrounded by fear of failures we always try to reach stability and most of the time we simply desire to be successful without putting in the right efforts that it requires.  No matter if you experience the above symptoms in you or not, we at JAMPS will guide you through the healthy ways to success.  When you undergo the transformative learning through JAMPS, you will be leaving with the answers to the few mentioned below and lot more:

  1. How to keep your curiosity high?

  2. How to stay focussed and disciplined?

  3. What is your true ambition and purpose?

  4. How to discover your strength and build it?

  5. How to make powerful decisions to change things for good?

  6. How not to just grow your hunger for success and excellence but strive for it?

  7. How to strike a proper balance between personal and professional life?

  8. How to analyze failures and emotional breakdown to achieve success?

  9. Understanding needs versus necessities to decided the priorities of your personal and professional life.

  10. Howe to keep off limiting thoughts, frustrations, poor communication and fear impacting on you?

  11. How to find true passion and happiness to keep you engaged and inspired at your work?



We work to make life more real and relevant to everyone, no matter how they live.


Our Workshops & Seminars:

  1. Deep Impact Workshop.

  2. Corporate Communication Mastery Program.

  3. Performing At Your Peak.

  4. Super Parents (Art Of Parenting).

  5. Life Discovery.

  6. Living With A Purpose.

  7. Abundant Life.

  8. Myth Buster.

  9. Panch Sidhanth (Winner’s Trait).

  10. Magical Relationships.

  11. Give To Receive.

  12. Communicate Effectively.