A Leader And Its Tribe

A Leader And Its Tribe

If you create one leader, by default you activate and initiate a movement capable of sustaining on its own.  As every God has its own tribe, the leader will start the process alone amassing its tribe on the way towards the set goal.  All it takes is to create leaders everything else will be managed. So if we can ignite a fire in the heart of a leader for a worthy goal nothing will be impossible.  Because a leader is made up of a different mettle and he/she will defy all the odds till those end up being even. 

Leaders are a breed apart, they don’t break in the face of atrocities, in stead evolve and create touchstones for the followers to be gauged.  For a leader challenges are hidden opportunities even at the first glance and they leave no stones unturned proving them to be so.  A leader not only amasses the crowd, it instills in their thought process the seeds of the vision with a reason. 

Once this vision is clear, they will follow the leader even without a second thought.  It won’t be a process any more; it would be the way of life because the leader will not only speak but act on the same lines.  Examples are not recited but set by personal action of the leader.  A leader never leaves its follower to wander off, because he is aware of the herd, its strengths, weaknesses, and distractions.  A leader is like a bank of the flowing river which allows free flow without allowing it to spread too thin. 

So all that we need is to discover, nurture, and create leaders for a worthy goal, which in itself will ensure a grand pathway towards success. 


Manash Mishra

Life Coach - JAMPS

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